The Different Parties in the USA


party is defined by the following definition provided by Webster’s Third New International Dictionary: “a collection of organizations, institutions or persons having political views, goals or principles common to many others.” The three biggest parties apart from the two major political parties are the Democrats, the Republicans, and the Libertarians in order. The most prominent political party was founded in 1814 as a pro-slavery party and was headed by Andrew Johnson, who was assassinated in office.

It was the first United States political party to declare its candidacy. Johnson was assassinated two years later. Johnson had been the president of the Democratic-Republican Party and had been elected to a second term after losing the popular vote in the 1824 presidential election. He was the first president of what we now call the Republican Party. The next was John Tyler, who took over after Johnson, who died.

The Democratic-Republicans were one of the first major political party to declare its candidacy in 1796. It had two candidates who were the leading contenders for the presidency in 1800. William Henry Harrison won the popular vote against John Adams of the Federalists, but was not elected because Adams supported maintaining the Union as it was. John Adams was also the vice president under president William Henry Harrison.

The National Government of the USA has been known as the Democratic-Republicans. It has governed the country since 1825. The other party that has ruled the country is the Republicans. Although they do not have the same control over the federal government that the Democrats do, they have controlled Congress for many years and have been in the White House since World War II.

A political party in the USA is not a political organization but is just an individual group of citizens with a common cause. This common cause will usually be some kind of social justice issue that is important to the whole community or country. Parties have their own unique system of picking their candidate for the president of the United States. This election can either be the first one ever or just an election for the members of a particular party to represent them at the Congress.

The other two major parties also have their own set of candidates to run for the presidency. These parties have different types of people and ideologies to represent them. Some of the major parties will offer the chance for the nomination through a primary election and others will run through the party convention. The conventions allow the members of the party to elect their own delegates to be the delegates and vote on the party candidate for the president of the USA. They can then take the candidate who is chosen through a general election.

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