Custom Neon Signs

custom neon signs

Custom Neon Signs

A customized neon or LED sign, sometimes also referred to as a “big neon sign,” or “infinite sin,” is a sign which has been designed with a series of 3D digital models of the actual physical surroundings. They are most often used as marketing and advertising tools and usually make use of freehand art techniques. The goal is to create a striking image that creates an atmosphere of familiarity and ease, a sense of belonging to a group or organization. As a result, the message the sign conveys is more direct, concise, and evocative of what the sign represents. Customized neon signs are typically made to order, and can take several weeks to be built and shipped to your company’s office.

The digital model which the sign is based on, is made in a studio which employs skilled designers and artists. The artists are usually working with a high-resolution digital model of the sign’s environment, which they use to create the final version of the sign. The artist will begin by drawing the models on graph paper, then converting them into 3D modeling software. Once the final digital model has been completed, it will be sent to the manufacturing company, who will use the final model in the sign’s construction. Once the sign has been constructed, it will undergo a battery of tests and inspections to ensure that the signs are safe to use. The signs are then shipped to the site of your company for installation. Once installed, the signs can last for several years, even when exposed to the elements.

The cost for custom neon signs varies from sign to sign, depending upon the amount of time and materials which are used in their production. The most common place to find custom neon signs is in companies which offer indoor signage services. While these sign businesses typically only use a small percentage of the sign’s total life, these signs are very popular and highly visible, making them ideal for use in business settings.

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